Your partner for precision optics and advanced lighting solutions.

We are specialist in offering optics in the highest quality, including required complementary products for the most complete lighting solutions. From anti-glare products and tailored optical systems to highly efficient diffusor foils or sheets, all components from one source.

What we offer

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Optics & lighting solutions

We offer high quality optics and lighting solutions.
We offer a wide range of different products, from anti glare microprismatics to reflectors, from diffusor- and light control films, to light guiding plates and extruded profiles – our partners offer all the best product for your specific lighting application.   

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Custom services

Interested in custom optical development services?
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Inter Tek Trading

Premium Lighting Solutions and Accessories, all components from one single source

Beside our exclusive partnership with Jungbecker for high precision polymer microstructures and optics, we are offering a wide range of excellent complementary products for LED hiding, advanced glare control and LGP edgelit applications from our well-known business partners A.L.P. Europe, BrightView, Sewon and Elkamet.
Along with our expertise and knowledge in optics and lighting technologies, it enables new combined solutions for de- glaring, lamp hiding and edgelit- applications, taking into consideration demand for optimal function and efficiency, quality, material tolerances and price.

✓ Light output

✓ Luminaire efficiency

✓ Light distribution

✓ Luminare optimization


Have a project in mind?

We can help you create anything you have in mind.






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