Jungbecker / ADP

Jungbecker / ADP Intertek Trading

Jungbecker ADP

Asymmetrical De-glaring Prism

The ADP is a special application of the Linear De-glaring Prism (LDP). These prisms are asymmetrical with a one-sided perpendicular flank. Parallel light is deflected asymmetrically and therefore enables directed illumination of objects and surfaces.


  • Wallwasher application
  • Creating asymmetrical light distribution curves, ideally with precollimated source


Key features

Jungbecker / ADP Intertek Trading

Highly transparent asymmetrical microstructured prism sheet

Jungbecker / ADP Intertek Trading

Asymmetrical prisms with a one-sided  perpendicular flank, parallel/  collimated light is deflected at 20 degrees

Jungbecker / ADP Intertek Trading

Polycarbonate (PC) upon request for advanced fire safety regulations