Jungbecker / Customized Edgelit Technology

Edgelit technology Intertek Trading
Edgelit technology Intertek Trading

Customized Edgelit Technology

The new enhanced technology of edgelit light guiding prism sheets offers individual solutions for a wide range of LED based lighting applications: from office lighting with regulation compliant de-glaring performance to glare-free street lighting up to shadowfree workbench illumination and many more. Customer specific optimisation of the light decoupling elements in combination with a variety of different form factors allow for truly unique products with highest efficiency and a transparent appearance.

Key features

  • Light can be fed in from the edge, over the surface or in a customer specific variation such as lateral coupling optics
  • Customized light output distribution by controlled light guiding trough intergraded optical elements
  • Tunable direct / indirect ratio
  • Transparent look when not lit
  • Homogeneous light output by optimized structure placement
  • Efficiencies up to 93 %
  • Ultra-thin fixture profiles
  • Peripheral edge coating, specular or diffusive coatings available