Sewon / Customized Laser Engraving

Laser Engraved Intertek Trading
Laser Engraved Intertek Trading

Customized Laser Engraving

Intertek Trading develop and manufacture this versatile Light Guide Plate, in collaboration with our partner SEWON, to fit a wide range of fixture geometries, with quick turnaround and no tooling charges. The base material is ideally PMMA, with a laser engraved side and one side unstructured. The pattern can be optimized to sizes up to 2.200mm x 1.250mm with high optimized light output efficiency and homogeneous light surfaces. When combined with BrightWhite reflectors material and Jungbecker microprismatic sheets, a wide range of possibilities emerge for managing light, including delta distributions, Lambertian illumination, and others. Light Guide Plates (LGPs) provide a flexible solution for edge-lit luminaires.

Product data 

Materials: PMMA
Available size: Linear LGP, Rectangular-, Square, or
Circular Designs up to 2.200mm x 1.250mm
Thickness: 3mm, 4mm (others upon request)
Dimensions: up to 2.200mm x 1.250mm
Transmittance: 92 % (acrylic clear)
Efficency: > 80 %