Jungbecker / LGP

Jungbecker LGP Intertek Trading

Jungbecker LGP

Light Guiding Prismatic Plate

The LGP decouples light which is fed into the sheet from the sides across the surface area by the integrated prismatic optics. The optical structure is not acting as a diffusor but uses reflection and refraction of the microprisms. The direct portion of the light is usually also de-glared.


  • Ultra-thin fixture profiles
  • Transparent look when not lit


Key features

Jungbecker LGP Intertek Trading

Microstructures extract light via refraction and total internal reflection efficiencies up to 85 %

Jungbecker LGP Intertek Trading

LGP decouples light fed in from the edge, uniformly and directed across the wide surface area.
About 40 % of light indirectly in a batwing / about 60 % downlight, de-glared

Jungbecker LGP Intertek Trading

Polycarbonate (PC) upon request for advanced fire safety regulations