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ExPress Intertek Trading
ExPress Intertek Trading

exPress Microstructures

Extrusion Profiles microCDP / CDP

Our exPress technology offers the combination of extruded profile geometries and high precision microstructures for an outstanding de-glaring performance.
Various structure types available.


  • High transparency micro structured profile
  • Highest possible efficiency
  • Smooth de-glaring for lighting applications with UGR < 19
  • All in one solution


Key features

ExPress Intertek Trading

High precision transparency microstructured profile, low material usage, all in one solution

High glare control performance

Suppresses high-angle light above 65 degrees to reduce visual glare while increasing on-axis light (“gain”). Enables luminaires to comply with EN12464 glare specifications

ExPress Intertek Trading

Customer specific profile length up to 4500mm, transition line every 1500mm