Jungbecker / CDP Intertek Trading

Jungbecker CDP

Conical De-glaring Prism

The CDP is a unique product that provides an outstanding de-glaring performance. Prisms are designed as cones providing exclusive geometric features optimized with our very own numerical algorithms. High efficiency, smooth de-glaring characteristics and an opal appearance are the key features of our CDP.


  • For lighting applications with UGR < 19
  • Ideal for illumination of workstations


Key features

Jungbecker / CDP Intertek Trading

Unique, homogenous and highly efficient glare reduction

Jungbecker / CDP Intertek Trading

Suppresses high-angle light above 65 degrees to reduce visual glare while increasing on-axis light (“gain”) Enables luminaires to comply with EN12464 glare specifications

Jungbecker / CDP Intertek Trading

Polycarbonate (PC) upon request for advanced fire safety regulations