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Hot-embossing technology Intertek Trading

Jungbecker Hot-embossing technology

Precise, process-reliable and economically producible in series

• Large-scaled replication up to max. 1500mm x 600mm
• Inhouse manufacturing of customized mass production hot-embossing tools in optical surface quality through diamond high precision tooling and electroforming
• Highest replication precision and shape accuracy for micro structures tailored according to specific requirements.

Materials: PMMA clear (acrylic), PC or other plastics upon request
Available sizes: Up to 1500 mm x 600 mm customer specific sizes and optional profile edge treatment (milling)
Thickness: depending on structure – type 2mm to 10mm
Transmittance D65: 92 % (acrylic clear)


Hot-embossing technology Intertek Trading
Light guiding in three-dimensional geometries
– Hot embossing of  3D form factors offers new design-options and additional functionality.
– A wide array of different form factors for purely aesthetical reasons, but shapes and geometries can also add significant functionality.
– The development of customized extraction features allows for an extra amount of design freedom when shaping the product.
– Density, depth, shape and number of structured sides are all variable.