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Optical Injection moulding Intertek Trading
Optical Injection moulding Intertek Trading

Optical injection moulding technology

Polymer-based optical components

• Spheric, aspheric and free-form surfaces
• Fresnel lenses, prisms, microlens arrays, light guides and reflectors
• From small lot series to high volume / from prototyping to mass production

Manufacturing processes

• In process (measurement) and quality supervision by video
and SPC analysis
• Quality assurance by state of the art measuring equipment
• Customized tools
• Tool life cycle management

Manufacturing technologies

• Moulding machines, closing forces from 25t to 500t
• 2-component injection moulding
• Variothermic moulding
• Multi shot technology
• Overmoulding of mechanical accessories and electronics
• Automated and integrated handling, robot loading, material supply etc.
• Advanced assembly processes

Quality management: IATF 16949